Bokashi Center
c/o Kahalu’u Country Store
a subsidiary of ‘iliahi enterprises, llc
PO Box 26344
Honolulu Hawaii 96825
(808) 395-3772 F
(808) 256-5605 T or

12 thoughts on “Contact

    • Aloha Gavin, currently Asagi Hatchery and EM Hawaii have our product for sale. Next week I anticipate Koolau Farmer’s as well. Mahalo!

  1. hi there wondering if it is possible to get access to APNAN Effective Micro-organisms handbook…

    best wishes

    andi islinger

    • Aloha Michael, we’re back online. Also Asagi hatchery, EM Hawaii, and later Koolau Farmers carry our product. Sorry about the delay. I just learned about this blog feature. Mahalo!

  2. I just ordered a 4-lb bag from you via paypal. Was unable to print my receipt and got no verification of purchase from either you or paypal. Please check your records and get back to me to verify this purchase went through.
    Judy Lomba

    • Aloha Judy, we have no record of your order. Paypal would confirm your order by sending both of us emails. Sorry about the delay, I just learned about the blog feature and will check this regularly. Mahalo!

  3. Hi,

    Is the bokashi you sell the kind that can be used in home compost bokashi buckets? I am hoping to get some for a friend so she can start a bin. Thank you!


    • Aloha Ming, yes, our EM Bokashi is the same to also use for bokashi buckets. Sorry about the delay. I’m just learning to see the features of WordPress. Mahalo!

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